Condominium Remodeling on the Rise! Experience & Specialized Methodologies Are Key

Not long ago, the renovation of individual condominium apartments represented only a small portion of Condominium Remodeling Experience and Methodology BOWA’s business. While we won awards for these projects, developed a great deal of expertise and worked with phenomenal clients, we weren’t anticipating much growth in this niche. This has now changed – the renovation of individual condominiums has taken off.

One reason for this has been the steady flow of residents moving into the District and immediate surrounding areas from previously more suburban locations. We’re finding these individuals want the convenience and accessibility of downtown, yet still want the beautiful amenities and finishes afforded by a custom renovation. Perhaps the greatest benefit of condo remodeling is that the dollars previously spent on sticks and bricks can instead be spent on finishes, appliances, flooring and other interior comforts to help achieve this objective.
Our clients are opting for a wide range of units from the older, pre-war downtown buildings, such as the Shoreham West or 2101 Connecticut, to the more recognizable names along the waterfront, such as Washington Harbor and the Watergate. Those who don’t want to be in the heart of the city, find the Somerset Building in Friendship Heights, The Waterford House in Crystal City or even new buildings like Park Potomac Place are convenient options.

The numerous challenges of the condominium environment lend themselves perfectly to the BOWA process. A condominium remodel requires the marrying of the delicate handling of the most difficult residential project with the complex systems of a commercial building. It’s a unique blend requiring specialized DC Condo Remodel subcontractors and the watchful supervision for which we are known. Whereas others shy away from condo remodeling projects, BOWA embraces the challenge and delivers.

Ideally, BOWA is contacted prior to the purchase. We can then assist with pre-project planning, including feasibility studies, budgeting and schematic designs, to get the project off to a strong start. Then, as with all of our projects, BOWA can lead the renovation from start to finish. Our clients appreciate the fixed project pricing and guaranteed completion dates not available from other contractors. The building managers appreciate BOWA’s respect for the other residents and our specialized methodologies for addressing the unique requirements of low- and high-rise residential projects, such as noise abatement, access, safety and cleanliness, to deliver the highest standards of care and service. In fact, most of ouDC Penthouse Remodel r condominium projects are the direct result of referrals from building managers and other tenants.

Another reason for the increase in our condo business is that we are finally telling our clients of this expertise! If you or someone you know is considering a move, please remember we provide the same award-winning service, design and follow through to all of our clients whether they live in a condominium or a single-family home.

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