Achieve More with an Experienced Condo Renovation Expert

So, you recently found or have been living in a condo with the perfect building amenities and a fantastic location, but the design of your space can use some work. Your wish list may include renovating the kitchen or bath, installing state-of-the-art technology, creating storage solutions, updating the style or reconfiguring the entire space. At BOWA, we’ve handled all these requests and more many, many times, giving us the experience and know-how necessary to ensure success on your condo renovation.

When it comes to condo renovations, it makes sense that many of the trends popular in single-family living are flowing through to condo design. However, it’s important to recognize that some of these luxuries require specialized installation techniques in a commercial structure, such as a condo building. Unfortunately, this is an area where some condo owners learn the hard way that not all residential remodelers are well versed in condo methodologies. For instance, we have been incorporating steam showers into our condo renovations. The installation of this shower type requires expertise in ventilation and special drainage layouts for proper function and moisture control. This upgrade can be made, but definitely does require specialized condo remodeling experience.

The right lighting plan can have a tremendous impact on your renovation. Particularly in a condo, adding recessed lighting can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of the space. The recent upgrades in lighting technology and installation options, have yielded impressive results for our condominium clients. In the past, a soffit as large as eight inches was required to run recessed lighting in a room. This drastically lowered the ceiling height, which often deterred clients as it made the space feel much smaller. Now, with upgrades in LED lighting, three inches, or even less in some cases, is needed for this soffit, meaning taller ceilings and a more open feeling. Additionally, there is now a greater variety in the range of temperatures for LED lighting, providing more options to customize the overall look of the room.

Your condo is somewhere you should feel safe and comfortable for years to come. Recent advancements in aging-in-place accessories and our expertise have made it possible to achieve a safe environment without compromising design. Sturdy grab bars, for example, can present a challenge for both design and installation, given the slab concrete floors and ceilings and pre-existing walls of condo buildings. In a recent condo renovation, we custom designed and installed a strategically placed grab bar system for our client. The custom steelwork used for this important safety item worked within the existing constraints, and made it an interesting design element, instead of an eyesore.

Now is an exciting time for condo renovations. When you partner with an experienced condo remodeling professional, you can achieve stunning results and create the environment you desire. For a condo renovation experience you can enjoy, give us a call to get started on your design.