Condo Remodeling Storage Tips – Capturing Extra Space

Many of our condo renovations are for clients downsizing from single-family homes. In their original houses, storage was rarely a concern with walk-in closets, custom built-ins, and large kitchens with ample cabinetry. While condominiums don’t always offer these spacious luxuries, we have found ways to increase storage options with creative design solutions. If you’re interested in maximizing every square inch, here are some condo remodeling storage tips to consider.

Expand the Primary Closet

Many primary suites include a fair amount of “extra” or underutilized space. Besides the necessary functions, they may also feature separate spaces for a desk, small office, or even a sitting area. In a condo, the unnecessary spaces such as the sitting area can be repurposed to expand an existing small closet into a luxurious walk-in primary closet. In a recent renovation, we did just that. After removing the original paneling from a bedroom wall, we expanded the closet behind it then reattached the paneling. While the bedroom is smaller, it is perfectly functional and looks as if it was originally designed this way because it still features the same beautiful paneling.

BOWA Design Build Renovation - Condo Master Closet Walk In2

Display Nooks

As part of a larger structure, there are times when it’s not possible to move or remove condominium walls.  When this is the case, we can talk about creative ways to put those walls to work. In a Reston condo renovation, we created sleek shelves for our client to display her china and figurines within a living room wall we could not remove. This allowed for additional storage and a designated place to exhibit her beautiful collection. We also created cut outs to display crystal perfume bottles in the powder room and an antique vase in the guest bedroom. With custom gallery lighting, these areas now serve as unique design details throughout the condominium.

Reston Condo Renovation - Luxury Condominium Remodel

Kitchen Cabinetry

Strategically maximizing every available space in a condo is key to finding ample storage and easing the transition from single-family home life. We all know, corner cabinetry can become a waste of space if not properly planned for during design. The good news is there is now a variety of organizational accessories that make this and other cabinet spaces much more usable and accessible.  For example, in many of our recent renovations, especially condominium projects, we have installed custom corner cabinet organizational tools to fully utilize this precious cabinet space. These pieces often slide in and out or open out with the door, making access much easier. Drawer inserts, rolling shelves and cookware organizers all help to do the trick!

Beautiful Combined-Unit Renovation in Washington, DC

We utilize these condo remodeling storage tips and many other innovative solutions to help our condominium clients achieve their goals for their spaces.  Working with an experienced team that already knows all the subtleties of condominium renovations will help to make your next project an unqualified success.