Condo Remodeling Lighting Tips – Want More Light in Your Life?

Many of our condo clients, especially those transitioning from single-family living, have concerns about their units not having enough light. The challenge is, there is often only one exterior wall with access to natural light and limited hours per day when the sun’s shining in. As such, we’re frequently asked for help in making the space feel bright and welcoming. Here are a few condo remodeling lighting tips we’ve gathered over the years.

Add Recessed Lighting

Particularly in a condo, adding recessed lighting can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the space. Unfortunately, installation requirements of the past were unappealing to many clients. Today, thanks to upgrades in LED technology, recessed lighting only requires a soffit of three inches, or even less in some cases. The taller ceilings, more open feeling and out-of-the-way light source have made this an attractive solution.

Phased Condo Renovation in Chevy Chase, MD with Recessed Lighting

Make a Statement

There’s no better way to enhance your lighting than to make a statement! A beautiful chandelier or unique light fixture will naturally draw the eye to the light it emits. Consider adding a piece to your living room, dining room or entryway.

Exceptional, Luxury Condo Renovation in Chevy Chase, MD with Lighting Fixture

Choose the Right Bulb

When shopping for bulbs, you’ll see three key variables – lumens, watts and Kelvin. Lumens measures output or brightness, watts measures energy consumption and Kelvin (K) measures color temperature, which is the mood setter.

Bulbs in the 2700K to 3000K range emit an inviting warm-yellow color perfect for creating ambiance, while those in the 5500K to 6500K range have a crisp-blue tint, and are good for task lighting and reading. In between are bright, neutral whites in the 3500K to 4100K range, which are recommended for ceiling lights in kitchens and bathrooms. Select your bulbs carefully to make your home welcoming and functional, without looking like an operating room!

Washington DC Whole Condo Renovation

Light in New Places

Adding lighting to spaces that aren’t typically bright is a great way to accent interesting features and create more light. We love adding accent lighting to glass-front cabinetry and under the upper cabinets in the kitchen. In bathrooms, we have seen a trend in backlit mirrors. Accent lighting on artwork is another excellent way to bring in extra light.

Beautiful Combined-Unit Renovation in Washington, DC

If lighting is your concern, rest assured we have a solution. We are happy to share our condo remodeling lighting tips and anything else we’ve learned in our many years of condominium renovations. We can also explore options like moving walls, using glass panels or adding glass insets to doors to create just the look and feel you desire.