Condo redesign involves special considerations

Featured in: The Washington Timeswashington-times

Excerpt: Condominium owners may enjoy the advantage of avoiding exterior home-maintenance projects or major landscaping, but when they want to renovate their home to modernize the layout or update the kitchen, they face some challenges that owners of singlefamily homes escape…Steve Kirstein, a principal with BOWA, says one of the biggest challenges of a condo remodel is that a condo is “neither fish nor fowl” because it is a residential building with the systems of a commercial building. “The impact during the project will be felt not only by your client, but by others in their tier and on either side of their unit,” Mr. Kirstein said. “This requires supervision and sensitivity.”…Mr. Kirstein recommends that buyers considering purchasing an older condo and remodeling it should consult with a contractor before making an offer to find out what changes they feasibly can make to the home.

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