Combining Two Condo Units for More Space

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There are countless perks when it comes to condo living including the views they offer, their convenient locations, the community and amenities they come with, and more. That said, a concern condo-dwellers often express has to do with limited space. For those looking to expand or open up their condo, a potential solution is to combine two separate units into one large unit. 

BOWA’s Condo Experts

BOWA’s condo experts, Steve Kirstein and Kristin Ikenson have happily guided many BOWA clients through the process of combined-unit renovations. They are here to answer any questions you may have regarding legal considerations, costs, planning, as well as what design/construction entails with this type of project.

“For a recent project of mine, a couple needed more space in their DC condo for their growing family,” Kristin explained. “At the time, their son and daughter were sharing a bedroom and their living spaces felt cramped. They felt as though their quality of life at home just wasn’t where it should be. So, when the adjacent condo in their building became available, they jumped on the opportunity to purchase the unit with the intention of merging the spaces.”

Before Photos

“Wanting an experienced design build firm to partner with on the project, they contacted BOWA’s experts. Within just a few weeks, we came up with a plan to remove the wall between the units and gut both spaces, which included the safe removal and remediation of asbestos,” said Kristin.

Photos During Construction

Kristin went on to explain how, “As it had been a very comprehensive design process, the building out of the space was as well. We ended up building an all-new kitchen, laundry/mud room, 3 full bathrooms, a primary bedroom for the parents and of course, new bedrooms for each of the children to have their own space.”

After Photos

“From the all-new floors, lighting, custom cabinetry, and gorgeous tilework to the elegant kitchen featuring waterfall countertops, this home has truly transformed into a showstopper,” said Kristin. “More importantly, though, the extra space has allowed the family to live more comfortably and happily at home.”

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If you’re interested in hearing more about how combining two condo units may be beneficial to your lifestyle, get in touch with our experts today!