Can’t Picture It? They’ll Do It For You

Featured in: Washington Post Express

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“Companies such as Kandel Construction and Bowa ( work with real-estate professionals to help buyers visualize their dream homes. “We’ll reach out to Realtors and say, ‘If you have somebody who’s seriously looking at this house, but they don’t have the vision to understand that they want to do this, this or this, let us help,'” says principal/owner George Hodges-Fulton. Along with images of the remodeled house, these firms provide shoppers with estimated costs so they can determine if a house is still affordable if it needs renovations. “Most of the time, that gives confidence to the consumers so that they’re able to purchase the home and move forward,” Hodges-Fulton says. The cost of having a design builder produce the 3-D renderings, determine the full scope of the renovations and figure out a preliminary budget can range from $500 to $5,000 depending on the size of the project, Kandel says. His firm will hold that money as a retainer and use it toward the overall budget if you hire them to also do the construction. Conversely, Bowa sees this work as a marketing expense and does not charge for the service. It’s a wise investment, Hodges-Fulton says. Many times, after house hunters gain the confidence to buy a home because of Bowa’s input, they will hire Bowa to do the rest of the job…”

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