BOWA’s Tetro Featured in Washington Times Cover Story: Making Small Kitchens Seem More Spacious

blog_patricia_tetro_bowa BOWA’s Patricia Tetro was featured in a Washington Times cover story that ran today on creative solutions for making small kitchens seem more spacious.  Following is an excerpt from and link to the article.

Excerpt from article:

Small Kitchen Renovation
Small Kitchen Renovation

If you are a fan of home-makeover shows, you may have become accustomed to homeowners taking a sledgehammer to the walls of their tiny kitchens and somehow doubling the size of the space, transforming it into a showplace of light and space.

In reality, not every homeowner has the budget or the land available to turn a galley kitchen into a chef’s dream space. Yet local designers and remodelers say there are plenty of options available to maximize the efficiency and the appeal of a smaller kitchen.

“A lot of the housing stock in our area has small, dark kitchens that are closed off from the rest of the house,” said Patricia Tetro, a principal and owner of BOWA in McLean. “Not everyone has the means or even the desire to expand their house, but there are ways to create the perception of a larger space and to steal little bits of space from nearby areas.”

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