BOWA Suggests Simple Homeowner Preparation Tips to Protect Mid-Atlantic Homes During Active Hurricane Season

McLean, Va. — BOWA (, a home transformation company specializing in the design and construction of large-scale additions and renovations, advises homeowners to be proactive in protecting their homes during hurricane season, which lasts through November. According to the book Hurricanes and the Middle Atlantic States, the East Coast is amidst an active hurricane cycle, which began in 1995 and should last into the 2020s.

 “As we’ve seen from harsh weather this year, the high winds and heavy rainfall that come with severe storms and hurricanes can cause a significant amount of damage to homes, often from flooding and fallen trees or branches,” said Larry Weinberg, CEO of BOWA. “However, homeowners can take precautionary steps to best protect their property during inclement weather and minimize repair costs when storms do hit.”

 Some preventive actions that help homeowners avoid costly repairs and damages include:

  • Clearing away yard debris and dead/dying branches: Large branches or trees can fall easily from the high winds during a storm. Be sure to trim any dead or dying branches.
  • Ensuring gutters are kept clean and in good shape: Remove any leaves, branches, or debris from gutter systems.
  • Making sure areaway and storm drains are clear: Failure to clear these areas could lead to excess water backing up into the home if the drains are clogged.
  • Plugging expensive household items into surge protectors, or unplugging them altogether: Items such as stereos, televisions and computers should either be unplugged or connected to surge protectors before a storm.
  • Removing outdoor furniture and potted plants: Move any unsecured items indoors to protect against broken windows and a damaged exterior.
  • Learning how to safely operate your generator: All generators are not the same, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual to ensure proper operation.
  • Preparing your pool: Do not drain all of the water from the pool. Turn off power to any pool equipment and remove any loose pool items. Also, add extra chlorine to the pool to prevent contamination from any debris from the storm.

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