BOWA Seeing ‘Cool’ Residential Pool Trends as Washingtonians Aim to Beat the Summer Heat

McLean, Va. — BOWA (, a home transformation company specializing in the design and construction of large-scale additions and renovations, is seeing residential pools and backyards becoming more elaborate and functional as homeowners desire outdoor space for retreating and to entertain family and friends. With last month being the hottest June in Washington, D.C. on record, homeowners can stay ‘cool’ with the latest innovations in pool design and amenities.

“We’re helping more families transform their backyards into resort-like havens, creating luxurious pools with kids’ needs, exercise, convenience, and comfort in mind, ” said Larry Weinberg, CEO of BOWA. “Not only can residential swimming pools blend in to be aesthetically seamless with a backyard’s landscape, but incorporating innovative materials in the design can create a comfortable and fun environment.”

From smart design techniques to easy pool maintenance, there are many ways to enhance outdoor spaces. They include:

  • Negative edges create the illusion of water flowing over the side of the pool, and are especially aesthetic over elevated ground. Also called infinity or zero-edge pools, the secret is an out-of-sight water collection reservoir.
  • Special heat and slip-resistant walkway materials create a safe environment, with people opting for darker, more dramatic color palates.
  •  Therapeutic pool exercise improves circulation and tones muscles without putting stress on joints. Manipulating the water current with a jet-propulsion system elevates the intensity and convenience of any workout.
  • Water features, such as unique waterfalls, multi-tier fountains, or arcs of water can be customized to serve as a backyard focal point. Swimmers enjoy the built-in entertainment that adds drama and optional color to a pool.
  •  Halogen light systems offer a wide spectrum of colors underwater capable of changing color continuously or locking on a color of choice to reflect the desired mood.
  • Raised “beach areas” in the pool with very shallow water allow people to lounge with their feet in the water.
  • Energy efficient natural and propane gas pool heaters use off-peak heating strategies to cut energy costs.
  • Advanced purification systems ensure non-salt, non-chemical pools that are similar to swimming in bottled water. Robotic automated cleaning systems eliminate debris collecting even in tight corners or on steps.
  • Mosquito misting systems emit biodegradable, chemical-free insect repellent, keeping the backyard a mosquito-free zone.

About BOWA

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