Middleburg Eccentric – BOWA Participates in Middleburg Community Charter School Eagle Scout Project

Middleburg Eccentric

Featured In: Middlebug Eccentric, April 26, 2018

Excerpt: “On November 2015 Life Scout Noah Mamula submitted a proposal for his Eagle Scout Project—an Outdoor Classroom for the Middleburg Community Charter School (MCCS)—to the BSA District Commissioner for approval. This began the 28-month odyssey of permits, blueprints, fundraising, and construction to make the classroom a reality….By March 2017 the county still had not issued final approval for the structure, but Noah forged on. Next, he needed to secure a construction manager for the project. This was a big one. He just walked into BOWA and Tim Burch in the Middleburg office graciously met with him. He explained to Tim what he needed—i.e. that he was only looking for a construction manager. Tim told Noah that he would get back to him. After a week, Noah called and asked if he was able to think it over. Tim’s reply: “Oh gosh, sorry Noah, I was going to call you back—yes BOWA will be your site manager, but I was working on getting the rest of your materials donated too!”…”

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