BOWA Builders’ Leaders Named “Best Bosses” by FORTUNE Small Business

Corporate culture plays large part in winning national competition

McLean, Va. — BOWA Builders, ranked the top remodeler to work for Best Bosses Award in the country, today announced that its leaders were recently recognized among the ”Best Bosses” by FORTUNE Small Business and Winning Workplaces in a national competition.

“The most rewarding aspect of this honor is its reflection of our employees’ satisfaction,” said CEO Larry Weinberg. “Our experience is when our employees are happy, so are our clients. In a service-oriented business, that is the key to success.”

BOWA Builders’ leaders have focused on creating a workplace that provides employees at all levels the opportunity to advance and provide critical feedback. Through annual reviews and performance evaluations, documented personal goals and an extensive training program, BOWA encourages its employees to grow with the company. Knowing that two-way communications is critical to the company’s success, all employees participate in quarterly meetings and daily team “huddles.” These interactions give employees the opportunity to ask questions of and share ideas and concerns with the company’s management team.

“BOWA’s employees are committed to providing our clients with heroic customer service and superior quality craftsmanship,” said President Josh Baker. “We believe this level of dedication stems from the strong corporate culture and value system we have shared with our employees for the past 17 years.”

The third annual Best Bosses competition recognized business leaders who have demonstrated resiliency and innovation in generating high-performance workplaces. The winners were announced at a recent conference in Chicago, featuring small business leaders speaking on how they have achieved competitive advantage through workplace practices.

To cull the finalists from a group of 100 nominees, FSB, Winning Workplaces and a panel of judges evaluated employee satisfaction, investment in workers, benefits such as medical insurance and retirement plans, as well as other measures. The business owners were subjected to a 360-degree performance review by talking with customers, financial and legal advisors, board members, investors, and randomly selected employees about the nominee’s management style and philosophy.

“What’s most heartening is to see leaders from a wide range of industries and from across the country all find ways to create workplaces where employees are gratified and rewarded, and the businesses and the employees both benefit,” says Kenneth Lehman, chairman of Winning Workplaces.