BOWA Builders Announces Area’s First On-Time Guarantee

Nationally Ranked Builder Guarantees Completion Date of High-End Construction Projects

McLean, Va. — BOWA Builders, Inc., a nationally recognized custom builder, today announces the launch of the area’s first On-Time Guarantee for its high-end remodeling and custom home projects. The purpose of the guarantee is to demonstrate BOWA’s commitment to providing a positive customer experience and to set the expectation that a successful construction project requires a shared commitment from everyone involved.

BOWA Builders’ On-Time Guarantee calls on its clients to work together in partnership with the BOWA team to fully prepare their project for construction and make timely decisions along the way. If the client fulfills their obligations, BOWA guarantees to meet the agreed upon construction schedule OR provide a trip to an Exclusive ResortsSM or comparable luxury destination.

“At BOWA we have a passion for delivering heroic customer service and surpassing our clients’ expectations – our new On-Time Guarantee backs this up,” said David Flyer, BOWA’s chief operating officer. “We understand our clients want a proven process that delivers a quality product on time and on budget. Our track record over the past 18 years demonstrates we know how to help our clients achieve these objectives and, as high-end construction experts, our goal and responsibility is to deliver these results.”

NAHB Research Center surveys indicate delivering a project on-time is critical to a client’s satisfaction with the overall residential construction experience. Furthermore, NRS Homeowner Satisfaction Surveys suggest adherence to a production schedule is one of the areas in which remodelers consistently underperform. BOWA Builders’ On-Time Guarantee was developed to attack these critical factors head on.

“Our On-Time Guarantee has teeth and will really set us apart in the industry,” added Flyer. “While others may say they guarantee a project completion date, few – if any – are willing to compensate the client for a missed delivery. We are so confident in our experience and processes that we are comfortable in making this valuable commitment to our clients.”