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I’ve heard the renovation nightmares; how can I avoid them?
Look for a company that addresses common remodeling concerns up front. At BOWA, our Peace of Mind Promises allow clients to move forward with confidence and actually enjoy their remodeling experience. We start with fanatical customer service, which is our company’s number one core value. Our solution to calm fears about budget overruns is a promise of no pricing surprises.  From guaranteed budget ranges and open-book budgets to fixed-price contracts and change authorization pre-approval, our clients have line-by-line visibility into where every dollar is spent.

BOWA’s schedule guarantee ensures that every project has written design and production schedules with a defined substantial completion date before construction begins. Full-time onsite supervision means just that. Our full-time project supervisors are present to ensure the project is delivered on time, on budget and according to our high standards of excellence. Finally, our good neighbor programs are designed to proactively manage neighbor communications, avoid the usual hassles and thank them for their patience.

What are the benefits of the design build process?
For nearly 30 years, our design build experts have been guiding clients from the first thoughts of the project, throughout architecture and construction, and continuing through a lifetime of ownership. Our experience tells us that it is best to develop the design and budget simultaneously with input from the professionals who are tasked with getting the project in the ground. This collaborative approach helps to ensure a smoother construction process. If done correctly, this can set the stage for success as your project enters construction and beyond. BOWA’s design process is thorough, but efficient. We keep refining details until all the pieces fall in place and both the design and budget feel right to you.

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