Tile Trends to Consider for your Next Renovation

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen or bath, tile is one of those areas where the only thing wider than the range of prices is the number of choices available.  With options ranging from classic subway tiles and geometrics to exotic imports and dramatic metallics, there is certainly something for every style, goal and budget. Following are some of the tile trends that are HOT today.

Subway Tiles

While white subway tiles are a timeless neutral, variations of this classic are becoming quite popular.  Designers are playing with pastels, colors, sizes, finishes, grout color and layouts to give these tiles a fresh look.


If you’re longing for a touch of glamour or a dramatic pop, then maybe metallics are for you. Metallic-colored tiles can be made of glass, stone or metal and range from mosaic to large format sizes.  They can be brushed, patterned, oxidized, polished, matte, textured or a mix for a chic look. Metallics work nicely as an accent wall, an accent on a tile or interspersed with other colored tiles.

Matte Finishes

While polished finishes are still very popular, matte finishes continue to gain popularity in 2021. They provide a softer, more natural appearance and are easier to maintain because they don’t show water stains and smudges like their high-polished cousins.  If you do go this route, make sure your lighting in the space is sufficient as matte tiles tend to absorb light.


Who wants boring rectangular tiles when you can have hexagons? Geometric tiles are becoming increasingly popular, especially the hexagon. Once a retro staple, hexagon tiles are now available in a wide range of sizes, colors, materials and dimensions making it a fresh, but timeless, option.


If you’re looking to create visual interest and texture, consider the dimensional or sculptural times that are available today. From a subtle, natural stone-like unevenness to a variety of slightly raised patterns to full 3D designs, there are plenty of options available today. Again, carefully consider the lighting plan for the space so shadows don’t interfere with your desired effect.

        Whether you are looking for tiles for the bathroom, kitchen, or another room in your home, the right tile can create the perfect finish. With so many options available and tile trends evolving, the selection process can be overwhelming and it’s easy to get well beyond your budgeted allowance.  To keep the process efficient, productive and enjoyable, seek the help of an experienced designer who can help to narrow your options based on your desired style, budget and production schedule.