2015 New Year Remodeling Resolutions

burke_connection Featured In: Burke Connection

Excerpt: “2015 may be the year you want to remodel your home to allow for the changes occurring in your life. Perhaps you want to build out an office which will allow you to work from home? Maybe 2015 is the year you want to avoid climbing stairs, so moving the master suite to the first floor may be on your resolution list? One thing is certain in life ? family needs are always evolving. As kids come and go, aging parents move in, greener technology becomes available, and we look for more creature comforts in our homes, individuals and families need and want to update living spaces. So, if you’re thinking 2015 is the year to make changes to your home to better suit your changing lifestyle needs, I would encourage you to review some of the following top home remodeling resolutions…”

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