Men vs. Women: What each wants in their master bathroom design

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Excerpt: Husbands and wives often want very different things in a master bathroom. Here’s how to get what you each like without landing in hot water. She wants a bubbler tub. He wants a steam shower. She wants a large vanity with lots of storage for makeup and toiletries. He needs one drawer. She wants a window that frames beautiful views from the tub. He wants a built-in television so he can watch ESPN while he shaves. She wants a gentle rain shower. He wants water pressure so strong it could peel paint. A husband and wife often have different needs and desires they’d like accommodated when designing a master bathroom…The toilet is another area where couples often agree. “One thing they both want, if it works, is separate toilet rooms,” says Josh Baker, founder of Bowa, a builder with offices in Middleburg and McLean.

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