Homeowners are lightening up when it comes to kitchens

Washington Times Featured in: The Washington Times

Excerpt: “While avocado and harvest gold appliances are nowhere to be found in most kitchens in 2012, some classic color trends, such as a black-and-white kitchen, are unlikely to ever fade from popularity. In addition to classic color schemes, homeowners and interior designers are looking for ways to wash their kitchens in light and color that are both neutral and innovative… Homeowners today are remodeling their older kitchens to open them up to the family room, to the outdoors or both, said Patricia Tetro, a principal and owner of Bowa in McLean. “Everyone wants their kitchen to be light and open, so we’re seeing more people wanting white cabinets instead of dark woods,” Ms. Tetro said. “Our customers are looking for clean lines, with fewer details on the cabinets. Sometimes in a larger kitchen we’ll still see a more elaborate center island, but in general people are less formal now and they want to keep their kitchen in line with the furniture in other rooms.”

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