BOWA’s Doug Horgan Featured in The Journal of Light Construction

Title: Roofing Details That Work: For good results, pay careful attention to flashing

Featured On: JLC: The Journal of Light Construction, March 2019

BobVila features BOWA Projects Excerpt: “These methods we teach aren’t the only way to do any of this work, but they’re the techniques we’ve developed over many years of trial and error on hundreds of jobs.

These details are guided in part by code, but more importantly, we’re guided by the goal of making sure we don’t have to come back and fix something after it’s built and has to face the weather. In our Maryland and Virginia climate, we have high confidence that these roofing details will work.

Roofing is back-breaking labor. That’s probably why in our market, and most likely in yours, there’s a lot of turnover among the roofing contractor labor pool. And so while many of the details here are fairly simple, we find that we have to teach them over and over again to roofers in our market. If you’re in that situation too, I hope the drawings here will be helpful to you.”

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Doug Horgan Roofing Tips