Significant Remodeling Discount with BOWA’s New Winter Incentive Program

blog_BOWA_Winter_Remodeling_Discount Year after year, we find that the approach of the busy holiday season drives homeowners to postpone thoughts of a renovation until after the New Year.

But, what if there was an incentive to get the ball rolling today?


BOWA’s Winter Incentive Program is an annual program designed to keep a steady stream of projects running through the winter months. The program is LIMITED TO 5 PROJECTS per year and offers a significant discount in exchange for some flexibility in start date. (Two spaces have already been filled for this winter!)

This is a great opportunity to get BOWA’s HIGH STANDARD FOR QUALITY, SERVICE AND AFTERCARE that has earned us the loyalty of so many valued clients at a significantly reduced cost.

To learn more about our new Winter Incentive Program please contact us at 703-734-9050 or online at