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TJ joined BOWA as a Project Leader in April of 2017, then transitioned to lead and grow our in-house design team in January of 2019. He says designing and working in the home industry is the only thing he can remember ever wanting to do…other than playing center field for the Yankees! As a kid growing up in Long Island, Legos were his gateway to residential design. Then, as time marched on, his interest manifested in countless cardboard models of houses, drafting classes in high school and two degrees in Architecture from The Catholic University of America. Over 15 years of practical experience later, and, not only does he still love houses, but more importantly, he’s found that he truly enjoys helping other people love their homes. TJ believes if he does his job right, then he can improve the way his clients live, and hopefully, make them happier in the process. He and his wife have remodeled their previous homes several times, and in 2016 designed and built their current home in Kensington, Maryland, where they live with their two children and, of course, a basement full of Legos.