What Changes Have You Made to Your Home Since COVID-19?

BOWA TJ Monahan A chat with BOWA’s VP of Design TJ Monahan about his home projects during COVID

With coronavirus numbers ticking back up, it’s likely that many of us are still hunkering down in our homes with our “pod” of family and perhaps a few close friends.  Having been at this since March, it’s also likely that our homes have taken on many new roles…everyday office for one or more, schoolhouse, gym, restaurant, outdoor entertainment venue and more. But how can we make our homes work in all these new ways?

We chatted with TJ Monahan, BOWA’s VP of Design, to find out some of the ways he has made his family’s home more functional and enjoyable during this time.  The following are some of the projects he has undertaken, as well as some tips.

Big Impact with Removable Wallpaper:

Hands down, TJ’s number one recommendation is removable wallpaper. TJ transformed a bare room in the basement into his Coronavirus Home Renovations - Create a Home Office home office with the help of bold decals from WallsNeedLove and a modular office system from Ikea. TJ loves these decals because, in his opinion, they are more impactful, cleaner and easier than painting.  His second project was cozying up an office for his wife using a sophisticated, feminine pattern from Rocky Mountain Decals.  The great news is, the material to cover 20 square feet is under $90 and you can finish the project in about one hour.  Wow!

The Great-er Outdoors:

TJ then turned to the home’s exterior to spruce up their patio area and landscaping.  With just a little bit of work, they were able to create more privacy Coronavirus Home Renovations - Create a Home Office2 and an outdoor room for al fresco dining with family and enjoying safely with friends and neighbors. If you’re thinking of doing something more elaborate, consider these additional tips.

A Space for the Kids:

With mom and dad both settled in their new home offices, TJ and his wife also wanted to create dedicated spaces to accommodate their children’s distance learning.  Carving out a learning nook in each of their rooms with a great desk, good lighting and a chair they picked out themselves set these kids up comfortably for their adventure in schooling. So far, so good! For more tips on designing spaces for kids, visit this post.

A Need for Speed:

With two adults and two children all working from home, TJ took steps to improve their Internet speeds. While increasing their service level was an option, TJ found the best solution for them was installing a multi-point mesh WiFi system. He chose the eero system, but there are several well-reviewed options available today. The size of your home determines how many points/bases you need, but generally, the systems cost a couple of hundred dollars and can be easily set up by a non-techy in minutes. The result is improved internet efficiency, reduced network congestion, less buffering and a more productive family!

Coronavirus Home Renovations - Create a Home Gym Mini Home Gym:

Missing their usual workout routines, TJ carved out a small space in the corner of their finished basement for a small home gym.  By allocating just 30-40 square feet, TJ was able to create a dedicated space with padded floors for a stationary bike, weights, resistance bands and more to keep the family fit and motivated.  If you need a bit more inspiration, visit Tips for Planning a Home Gym to Crush Your Fitness Goals.

The solutions to making your home more functional and enjoyable often fall on a spectrum.  On one end are DIY projects you can knock out with a little elbow grease or retail therapy and on the other are more elaborate solutions requiring thoughtful design and careful construction.  While you know us for our full-scale remodeling expertise, we’re also pleased to help our clients with their smaller projects and handyman needs through our dedicated Customer Service Team. Let us know if we can help you with your home projects during COVID.