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Project Background:

The Burkas unfortunately experienced a house fire that displaced the family and forced them into an extensive renovation on a home they previously loved. Given the house’s condition, the limbo this created for their family and other challenges they were facing at the time, Eric and Kristin Burka were eager to move forward quickly. However, they needed to be certain they were selecting the right team for their needs.

Why did you hire BOWA? “Confidence in the team”

When asked about their decision to hire BOWA, Eric quickly described a conversation with Steve Kirstein, “who said everything you want to hear, but I believed him.” He explained Steve’s emphasis on how BOWA would guide them through the entire process and the firm’s deep interest in the project. Steve also highlighted the “all-star team” they would have with a great designer, skilled craftspeople and full-time project supervision. Eric had confidence in Steve’s statement, “because there was a ‘realness’ about him.” Eric added, “He’s down to earth and seemed to understand where we were coming from.” Kristin echoed Steve’s empathy for their situation and appreciated that he understood her main concern of finishing before the start of a new school year.
Ultimately, after interviewing two other firms, both agreed hiring BOWA wasn’t a difficult decision because they had confidence in the team.

What did you appreciate most? “Dedicated Project Supervisor and regular communication”

Eric and Kristin highlighted two aspects of the project that were of particular value to them. The first was their dedicated project supervisor, Scotty Marine. Kristin described Scotty as being a, “master scheduler who carefully managed so many people in the house and many moving parts.” Eric went on to say, “I don’t know how many projects BOWA has running simultaneously and it didn’t matter because I always got the impression that I was their ONLY project.”

The key was having Scotty’s full attention. This ensured the project ran efficiently and fostered great communication, which was their second highlight. Scotty ran weekly site meetings with the Burkas and other necessary parties, was available to respond to questions and quickly resolved challenges that are inherent in complicated design build projects. The Burkas are confident Scotty’s role was critical to the success of their project and their positive remodeling experience.

What was unexpected? “We feel lucky that we had this team, can’t say enough about it”

When asked what surprised them the most, the Burkas responded, “We feel lucky that we had this team. We can’t say enough about it.” They went on to reiterate how incredible Scotty was, saying they “never expected to have a project manager as great as him.” They also praised how responsive and proactive their customer service manager, Adoni Lopez, has been. Kristin highlighted how Adoni is quick to respond to emails and, on walkthroughs, would call out items that didn’t even catch her eye. Kristin added, “Adoni is an incredibly good guy, he is honest, trustworthy and takes great pride in his work.”

Advise to others considering a project?

“We would absolutely use BOWA again,” said the Burkas. Kristin even added, “I’ve never heard of anyone who hired BOWA that wouldn’t use them again!”

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